At Hogarth Craft Chocolate we source the highest quality, organic and fairly traded cacao beans from around the world. At our factory in Nelson we roast, grind and age small batches of chocolate using traditional techniques.
The debut range features Trinitario and Criollo cocoa beans from Peru, Madagascar, Venezuela and Dominican Republic. These varieties are noted for their natural fruit and spice flavours that are allowed to shine through in the chocolate. Each origin has a distinct flavour profile; Peru 66%, Stone fruit, honey and caramel collide in this wonderfully complex chocolate; Madagascar 70% – A fruity chocolate with bright berry and warm raisin notes; Venezuela 72% – Bright cherry, coconut and tobacco notes feature in this smooth dark chocolate; Dominican Republic 75% – tangy citrus notes provide bitter fruitiness over a dark toffee finish.

With unparalleled attention to detail Hogarth Craft Chocolate is presented in a beautifully embossed wrapper using high quality textured paper. The whole product exudes quality and craftsmanship.